Friday, November 14, 2008

Spelling Work...

I guess we need to do more work on his spelling...

REALY BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is Max. I am tired. I want to go play my wii right know but i have to blog. After this I will play madden 09. So right know I dont know what to type. So um um um um. I have to type 15 sentences tell I finish. So I am almost done. now I am on 10. now iI just typed 11. now I typed 12. now I am on the 13th. So thanks for reading this. Bye. Hey look I have 16 now that I did this sentence telling u that i did the 15 that made a 16. I JUST GOT ON RESRICTION. 
this is Krista!!! Okay well i dont wannna blog right now but my mother is making me. Im bored.... I LIKE PUMPKIN PIE!!!! Bananas are messy and Apples are AWESOME!! my mom said "How can you always be bored?? I got u at least 13 christmas presents but, they may be grouped plus I got you make up!" so i guess i am done!!

good bye,


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Max and Mom Eat Lunch

Here we go to split a lunch at Por Favor. Today was a minimum day for Maxwell. Yeah I got off early too.
Max is taking a spelling test while we wait for our food. He has been doing very good in spelling because we work on the words every day.
Here is our salad that we are splitting. Max gets the tortilla and beans (underneath salad)and the rice  and I will get the salad and chicken. Yum. It's more than enough for us both.

Going home...

Walking Home

It looks late but it really is not.

Don And Dawn Dee's

Cute picture of Dawn Dee and Don at their house after we went to Lido's for dinner.
In Sheri's old room. They are fixing it up into an office.
Sean is not feeling well.
Max hanging out.
Krista playing Dawn Dee's new pool table.


Hi, this is Max. I like the Chargers. Right now we are 4-5. We are 2nd in the division. The Broncos are leading. The Raiders are third. And the Chiefs are last place. I also like the Steelers. I like the Saints. I really like Reggie Bush and Ladaimon Tomlinson. They are my favorite Running Backs. My favorite Quarter Backs are Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. My favorite Line Backer that is not hurt is Steven Copper and James Farrior.

                                                    Thank you for reading this.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Krista @ Lemon Grove Lips

Bora, Chewy and Tonsil

The best cat ever! Licking his chops...
Bora resting on the couch. She's the same age as Krista.
Chewy or Chewbacca or My Chew Bucket of Love. Isn't she cute? Can she see?

Reading Twilight Saga in the Truck

She would rather be shopping at Parkway Plaza. 

Football at BevMo

The Many Faces of K-Dub

BJ's Brewery

Yeah! It's happy hour at BJ's. We love going there. They have the best food and beer.
A fun time was had by all!
The boy loves BJ's homemade rootbeer and mini pizzas.
The girl had a mini pizza too, with pesto. Yumm.
E loves the beer. This time they had pumpkin beer. 
Here are my kids. Aren't they cute? I like it when they get along.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

More Halloween pictures. Kassidy wanted candy but they wouldn't let her have any. I guess K got her toenails done!


Here is K-Dub. She's so cool. Talking on the phone is every teenagers right.


I guess K has trouble with focusing. This is right before she hurt my camera.

Fun Playing Football!

Here is Max. He is happy because his dad is playing Madden '09 with him on the wii. He also is missing a lot of teeth. It seems that they all fell out at once. Please pardon the mess but that is just what is going on today and nobody here is too worried about it. It might be time for a hair cut soon but it's up to him.
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