Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Garden is Growing!

Remember this picture of Eric watering our new garden? The plants were little and freshly planted.
Well here is my garden today. It's growing! Look how good it is doing! I'm so proud of my little garden and it makes me really happy. This is plot one and it has three rows. In the back row it is eggplant (yuck but Krista and Eric like it), yellow crookneck squash, zucchini and tomatoes. The middle row has brussel sprouts, green beans, broccoli, sugar snap peas and cauliflower. The front row is tomatoes, leeks, chili peppers, japanese cucumbers, poblano peppers and slicing cucumbers. There are also red and yellow onions here and there. It's going to be crowded once it's fully grown but this is my first real garden so give me a break.
This is plot 2. It's got tomatoes (Mr. Stripey), butternut squash (not sure if this guy is going to make it), straight neck squash and lemon cucumber in the back row and in the front row there is red and yellow bell peppers, broccoli and/or cauliflower and scalloped squash.
Here is our artichoke plant (yumm!)
Below is plot 3. Most of the watermelon that was originally in this little garden had to be pulled because they died during the extreme heat a few weeks ago. Now in the back row there is yellow watermelon (iffy at best), red watermelon, scalloped squash, swiss chard and mint. In the second row is scalloped squash, green beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe (probably will die), and pumpkin. The front row is all strawberries (some burnt from the heat).
Here is a little strawberry plant that is doing okay.
Hey! Get out of my garden! He is always following me around.
See the cute little yellow crookneck squash growing?
And the tomatoes are growing on one plant and the rest have flowers.
Look at the baby broccoli. Isn't it cute?
The first sugar snap pea has arrived!
And the cucumber plant has lots of little babies on it.
Look how big the bell peppers are getting! And who is the laying there in the background? 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Krista and Middle School

This is what it looks like when I pick up Krista from school.  I think she's spotted me hence the turned down head. I know what she is thinking... 'Dang, she's taking my picture again. In front of all my friends.' 

Backseat Drivers and a Random Chewy Pic

Goodness, aren't they cute? And loud? I know you can't hear them but they are, loud I mean. Here they are after Sean's dance recital (I still need to post those pictures). I'm not sure why they all sat in the backseat leaving me alone in the front.  So I took their picture.

Oh and look... it's Chewy! I love that little black wet nose.

Cletus - Mad Scientist

It's the return of Cletus. Here he plays the role of the mad scientist. 

Friday, April 24, 2009


Oh the joy of being young and skipping through the parking lot at the mall.


Meet Tonsils. This is the cat that I got for Krista when she was getting her tonsils out in February 2000. Hence the name Tonsils. He was the best kitty. He lay with her as she recovered from her first surgery. Little did we know how many more surgeries were to come. 

I got Tonsils from Patty. She brought over a bunch of kittens for me to choose from. She brought them over in a big basket. Eric said it was okay to get a kitten he just didn't want a black one or a black and white one and he didn't want a boy (male). 

So I played with all the kittens and they were so cute. There were two darling little grey ones and other different colored ones that were girls (female, whatever). And then there was this little black and white boy. He was out of the running, first because he was a boy and second of all because he was black and white. We had already had many, many black cats and a few black and white cats. We wanted something different.

So I watched the kittens run around. They scampered to and fro across the living room. Some went under the couch but this little black and white kitten just crawled up into my lap and laid down. I put him back down on the floor and he crawled up onto my lap again and laid down again and he stayed there. It was like HE was choosing ME. He wasn't the one that I was suppose to pick. I resisted picking him, I really did. But I could tell that he wanted me to pick him. I knew he was picking me.

So we ended up with a new kitty that was black and white and a boy. And he's been the best kitty ever. And Krista still has her Tonsils, even if she doesn't. 

Thanks Patty for the Awesome cat. 

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meet The Frog

Max and Nathan caught a frog while we were up in Alpine. So of course I had to take some pictures of it. I love the picture of it jumping onto the table. It was pretty big. Does that mean it is really a toad? I don't know, do you? They, of course, put it back where they found it once they were done looking at it.

Crazy Kids

Sometimes taking regular pictures just gets boring. Especially for my crazy kids.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Dad's Maze Books

My dad use to write and Illustrate maze books. He did quite a few and they are sold in many different countries. When my dad passed away I inherited the original books that he made. Every now and then we stop into the book store to see if they are still on the shelves. They sell them in the children's section.

Max and I went there the other day because Max needed the new Spiderwick book. While there I went to see Dad's books. It's nice to see that they are still selling them.

I Love this Picture!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


The weather here is sooo hot. It is really doing a number on my newest plants. I don't think they will survive the heat wave. It makes me sad. Yesterday it was 101 degrees where I live. It was a record breaker. So anyway here are some pictures of the butterflies at the Wild Animal Park.

Would You Wear This?

At least he has a job right?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Garden

I am really super in love with my new garden. We put in two more little plots. One with two rows and another with three rows. I guess that these aren't the best pictures in the whole world but they give you an idea of what is going on. Plus these were taken about 2 weeks ago so things have grown up more. I also planted a row of sunflowers along the fence and they are doing great! Krista and I planted them from seed and they have already sprouted. The black plastic (Hi Patty!) is to keep the weeds from growing but it still let's the water in. We have planted every different veggie we could find. They are all doing great except the watermelon and one of the cucumber plants. Yesterday we started buying some flowers. I am also going to try and do some starter plants from seed and see how that works.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Yeah! We finally made it to the Wild Animal Park. We went to go and see the butterflies. It was during Spring Break so we had to wait in line for awhile but it was worth it once we finally got in. I will post more butterfly pictures later because I took a few. I think my camera had a smudge on the lens the whole time so the pictures didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. Above the kids take their picture by the Wild Animal Park sign.
Krista decided to wear these glasses with no lenses, not to mention oversized! I don't think Nana liked them too much. Funny thing, other girls there had the same look going on. I guess it's in style so get ready moms for the 'no lens' look. It's fashion!
I got a bunch of cute shots of Chloe. Here are a couple. The kids still pose for pictures but I think the adults are pretty much over all the picture taking.
Max is always ready to goof off and this ear statue make for a great shot of Max.
We saw the baby cheetah in the nursery. 
Here is one of my butterfly photos. After the butterflies came the birds.

Then we walked down and saw the lions. Honestly we really didn't see too many wild animals. I guess you have to do the safari for that. The lines were long though and we didn't want to wait in line. So after lunch we just went home to get ready for our weekend in Alpine.
Can you tell where the smudge is? Bummer.

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