Monday, March 30, 2009


So I decided that I just had to make these cupcakes that I saw on so we went to the store and got all the stuff to make them. We actually had to go to two stores to get everything we needed. Then we went home and created the cupcakes below. What do you think? They are our Spring cupcakes.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Max's First Pitching For Seminoles

I'm pretty excited to present you with another video. 

This is video of Max's first pitching for the Seminoles. It's pretty cool to see him pitch.

I guess it works better to upload my videos from my camera and not my flip video. 

Max Batting or OMG I Got A Video To Upload!!

Wow! I was finally able to get a video to upload. I'm so happy. Watch this video of Max batting. It's not very long but it's cute. Go Max!

Don Gave My Kid A Smackdown

"We had a plan to attack Don but something went tragically wrong."

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Really Cute Chloe Pictures

The painting behind her Krista painted when she was little.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock Band

Have you ever played Rock Band? We like to play Rock Band in the garage. It's especially fun if it's the weekend and you have been drinking. Not that the kids have been drinking, mind you, well maybe milk. Milk does a body good you know. Wine does a parent good for Rock Band. Now I'm not saying we sound good but we can score high on easy. Maybe we should up the level to medium.

Chewy likes Rock Band.
The kids are rocking out man.
Don't judge, just ignore the mess. Oh look there is Kassidy.

Hi Lisa Simpson! She came from Hollywood Video. Dawn Dee is rocking out. and no, Max is never going to take that uniform off. He likes to wear the same outfit all weekend. This weekend it happens to be his uniform and I don't care. I just let him.
Eric and Don don't like to play Rock Band and come to think of it they probably don't like to listen to it either. But they do like to drink beer. in the backyard. by the fire.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Max in Flowers

The Bad News Bears

Really they are called the California Bears but they might as well be called the Bad News Bears because they are that good. I'm not saying that to be mean it's just the truth. Even they call themselves that. On this day they lost 0-14. It was pretty sad. Not to mention that the game started an hour late and it was freezing outside (at least cold for San Diego).

You see, a lot of the girls that are on the team have never played before and now here they are playing girls who have played since they were little. So it goes without saying that there is going to be a learning curve. But if these girls hadn't have signed up then there would not have been a team at all.
Still it seams like they are having a good time.
I know Krista is. 
This is a darling picture. Don't they look like they get along? I'm not even going to mention that Chloe chewed on her sleeves until they were really wet. Ewww. Then she put her sleeves under the water from the sink so she could chew and drink water from her sleeves. Extra ewwwww. I love her.
Ma, Ma. That is what Kassidy calls Max. It sounds like ba ba as in a sheep call and not ma ma as in mommy. Got it?

The picture below is funny. It is Krista screaming "Mother" at me because I was sneaking a picture of her by putting my camera up over the fence. The fence was covered so I couldn't see in. It was the only way to get the shot.
She played second base. 
Eric had to step up and help coach. At least when he can. Too bad he has to work on most Saturdays. He had this Saturday off.
She tries to bunt. 
The end.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In the Car

Okay. It might sound stupid but I am going to do posts that are just pictures taken in the backseat of the car. I have a lot already and they are cute and they show how much they have grown and continue to grow. I like these two pictures. The last one is especially cute because it reminds me of their personalities.


It must be spring because the daffodils are only 1.25 a bunch at Trader Joe's. They look so pretty!


I made a lot of dinners last weekend. I cooked for about 5 1/2 hours and made 12 dinners to freeze. I made rigatoni w/cheese, mac & cheese, red shredded pork enchiladas, green chicken enchiladas, Shepard's pie and chicken pot pie. I made 2 of each. The next morning I made an entire box of pancakes so they would be in the fridge for morning.

OAMC stands for once a month cooking. I did half of that. You can also do OAWC which is once a week cooking.

It has been nice because when we get home from baseball/softball then we just throw dinner in the over and sit down at the table and eat it together. and clean up has been a breeze.
Below is what my kitchen looked like after cooking for 5 1/2 hours. Not bad considering it looks that way after cooking dinner once on a regular night. We cleaned it up and so far the kitchen has been clean all week because we have been using paper plates because after being on the go all day no one really wants to do dishes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Below are some of the mosaics that we have done at out house. We still need to touch up that one spot on the fireplace. I don't know why we didn't do that spot when we did the rest of it. I love to mosaic things and I think they look good.

This is the backdrop above the kitchen sink. I measured it out and created it on the floor in the garage. Then I put packing tape over the tiles and just picked the whole thing up and slapped it on the wall.
This is the counter we made after we cut out the wall that was there when we first moved in. 
Look there are my kids in the background. Is Krista dancing? I hope so. Also, look, there is my most favorite printer in the whole world. "Have I told you lately that I love you?" (*hugs*). On the left there is my cone. Care to vacuum my love?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Playing Darts

Eric gave Nathan his dart board because we never use it. So we played darts over there for awhile. It was a school night so we couldn't stay all night. But we had fun.
Here everyone is sitting on the front porch.

Below is Violet kissing Ruby.

Have You Walked Your Dogs Lately?

Max and I took the dogs for a walk the other night. Max took his skateboard. It was a nice night. 

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So I guess if you really want to know my son you need to see him this way. Because this is the way that I see him a lot. He LOVES Runescape. He is what we would say, obsessed. Here he is feeding his obsession... Opps, he realised that I am there, once again, taking pictures. So I got a smile. I always get a smile and he is always on Runescape.


Once again Krista finds herself sitting and doing homework. Lots and lots of homework. I probably should not have taken her to San Francisco because she really fell behind. So now she just has to tough it out I guess and work, work, work.

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