Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock Band

Have you ever played Rock Band? We like to play Rock Band in the garage. It's especially fun if it's the weekend and you have been drinking. Not that the kids have been drinking, mind you, well maybe milk. Milk does a body good you know. Wine does a parent good for Rock Band. Now I'm not saying we sound good but we can score high on easy. Maybe we should up the level to medium.

Chewy likes Rock Band.
The kids are rocking out man.
Don't judge, just ignore the mess. Oh look there is Kassidy.

Hi Lisa Simpson! She came from Hollywood Video. Dawn Dee is rocking out. and no, Max is never going to take that uniform off. He likes to wear the same outfit all weekend. This weekend it happens to be his uniform and I don't care. I just let him.
Eric and Don don't like to play Rock Band and come to think of it they probably don't like to listen to it either. But they do like to drink beer. in the backyard. by the fire.

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