Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laying in Bed with Kids!

I love hanging out with Chloe. She fits right in to our family. Which makes perfect sense since she is family, duh! I just love how she makes herself right at home. If I'm laying in bed in my PJ's she will come right in and climb into bed and snuggle with me. She is so snuggable.
When we got out together I like to pretend she is mine and that I have three kids. I should have had a third but it's too late now. If I did have a third child I could totally imagine one just like Chloe. Of course that is not to say that these kids get along all the time. In fact most of the time they are fighting. But they do get along once in awhile as these pictures show. (It's also not to suggests that she minds me either cause she doesn't!)
Anyway I love hanging out in my bed with my whole family, two dogs and two cats. It gets crowded but it's love baby!

A Girl Has Got To Look Pretty!

Even when you're at the beach or even if you're going nowhere you still put on makeup to look pretty! Because you're a teenager and that's what teenagers do!
And no she is not drinking beer in that picture. That's Eric's beer. I'm not sure why he is drinking Modelo. Is it any good? I have no clue. See I moved the beer out of the other pictures. 
She is braceface. Or metal mouth. And look how dark her hair is. It use to be light. Isn't it weird how hair can change color?
We mess up any room we go into apparently. 
Krista is happy that her dad bought her more minutes for her phone. And she is not too old to still use her stuffed elephant backpack.

The Beach

For Memorial Day weekend we went down to the beach. It was also my birthday. It was lovely down there. Not too hot but still sunny. 
It wasn't even crowded which was really nice. I guess it's because they have banned alcohol and smoking on beaches in California. Now people go other places to party.
Max had fun digging in the sand. He had a new Hurley bathing suit that had white stitching that turned purple when it got wet. He thought that was pretty cool.
Krista laid out and worked on her tan and read her new Teen Vogue magazine.
We bought these awesome two people towels. They are huge!
We also took the dogs. They loved it of course. Say Hi to Chewy!
Eric still drank beer even though he wasn't suppose to. Luckily the hotel was close so he could refill his cup.
Here we are on the ocean side but we spent most of the time on the jetty side which was even more deserted. We're sitting here because Max wanted to boogie board but he couldn't stop digging long enough to go do it. Trust me when I say that walking across all that sand to get to the other side is a good workout for your calves!
See he is holding his orange cup?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Coming Soon!

So I guess when you check into a hotel that has free wi fi it doesn't mean that you can upload your pictures. So even though I have some great vacation pictures from our beach vacation I guess it will have to wait until I get home before I can show you how much fun we are having. It's been a great few days! I wish Brian and Barbara were here with their kids or Nathan and Jennifer but besides that I really could not ask for anything more! I will post vacation pictures when I get home. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will have a better post soon. Until then Happy Birthday to Me!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Max in Motion

I love the pictures of Max in motion. Here is the latest series that we took the other day. 

It's kinda hard to get the shot because of the delay. I guess I should read my camera manuel. 
He usually has to jump over and over until I get a shot I like. This one isn't it.
This one is okay but still not it. He's not really in motion.
This one I like. Not my best but it will do.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Water Balloon Fight

Do you remember how much fun it is to have a water balloon fight? My kids had one on Mother's Day at Nathan and Jennifer's house.

Nathan filled up the bucket with a bunch of water balloons and handed them out to the kids. He even threw some himself.
Here is Max being Elastic Man. He can stretch his arms to reach anything!
Being a baseball player helps in water balloon fights! Love his shadow!
There is Krista! She has her new purple bikini bottoms on.
Nathan hit her with a balloon. Good times were had although next time we are going to get more balloons!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Brian and Barbara and their kids, Jaxson and Eden, came into town from Boston. It was great to see them. We really wish that they lived nearby and hopefully they will soon. They stayed at Fabby and Tal's house. Below is a cute picture of Tal, Brian, Eric and Brian. I like this picture. It turned out cute. (Eric looks extra, super tan in this picture).
Here are the girls, Leigha, Barbara, Fabby and Christine.
They have a cute house with a pool and a great view.
Here is Fabby with a dog that she rescued.

Hanging out...
The kids watch a movie...
And play video games...

Krista loves to swim. Max was at Sterling's birthday party.
It was good to hang out with old friends.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Max went to Disneyland with Brian, Barbara, Jaxson and Eden yesterday. They had a lot of fun! Max loved it. He was so tired when he got home he walked in and went straight to bed. Here is a picture that Brian emailed me of  the kids eating ice cream.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 - Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

For Mother's Day we went to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse with Brian and Barbara  and their family because they are in town so we have been hanging out with them. I have some pictures that I will post later. Here is a picture of Eric and I.
Our chief. See Krista and Brian in the background?

There is Brian and Barbara.
Max and Jaxson. Jaxson is Brian's son. They get along good. Jaxson spent the night one night and they played wii together. 
Here is our table. The food was good. 
Here are the kids looking cute together.
Eden is laughing at Max while Mia looks on. Max isn't falling he's just acting goofy.
Here is Kai and Jaxson. Kai is Fabby and Tal's son. Fabby is Barbara's sister. Aren't they cute?
They had a Koi pond. Kai and I touched the fish.
We went to Old Navy after lunch and Krista got her new purple bikini she has been wanting. Then driving home, look who it is...
It's Patty! Hi Patty!! Happy Mother's Day! and tell your family I'm not crazy!
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