Thursday, May 28, 2009

Laying in Bed with Kids!

I love hanging out with Chloe. She fits right in to our family. Which makes perfect sense since she is family, duh! I just love how she makes herself right at home. If I'm laying in bed in my PJ's she will come right in and climb into bed and snuggle with me. She is so snuggable.
When we got out together I like to pretend she is mine and that I have three kids. I should have had a third but it's too late now. If I did have a third child I could totally imagine one just like Chloe. Of course that is not to say that these kids get along all the time. In fact most of the time they are fighting. But they do get along once in awhile as these pictures show. (It's also not to suggests that she minds me either cause she doesn't!)
Anyway I love hanging out in my bed with my whole family, two dogs and two cats. It gets crowded but it's love baby!

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