Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walking with Kids

I have to tell you that walking with your kids is one of the best things that you could ever do as a parent. If you go for a walk with your kids on a regular basis it is the time that you will find out all the things that you really should know. They just seem to open up on a walk. Things they tell you they would not if they were at home in front of the TV. If you want to know what is going on at school, go for a walk. If you want to know what is wrong, go for a walk. They will open up to you. They want to tell you if you are willing to listen. A walk is the perfect time to be a sounding board for them. Even better if you just take one but this time I took two. Here are our pictures...

If it is just me and one of the kids our conversation are sometimes profound. With both together they don't open up as much. Either way it's all top secret you know? 

You should walk with your child. Trust.

Team Party?

Well they tried to have a team party. Krista went. Too bad only two other girls showed up. Once again it wasn't very organized. I guess that is what happens when no one wants to be in charge. Anyway I'm glad softball is over. Now I guess it's on to water polo? Right now Krista is at High School camp. They are spending the night in the mountains.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Krista at Work

With the show quickly approaching and summer in full swing, Krista can come help at work every once in awhile. Here are a couple of pictures of her as she helps me file away paperwork.

She has been very helpful with keeping my files organized! And she likes it!
Thanks Krista for all your help!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

wizard 101 -By Max

Hi, right now i am on 2 computers at the same time. I am playing wizard 101, it is a fun game if you like wizard games. I am a myth student. I am lvl 8. I made this account last night. I also went to alpine yesterday. They are re-doing the houses walls in the outside. In the wizard game i am battling with my friends. They are pvp battles.

Maxwell @ Lido's Again!

We always go to Lido's. It's nice to go somewhere that everyone know who you are and the food is good. I don't know how many pictures of Maxwell at Lido's that you want to see but here are two more from the other day. The picture below is a quick shot in between funny faces. Max loves to make funny faces at the camera.

For instance, here is some proof.
He also loves their soup and haves it every single time. He is so predictable!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krista's 8th Grade Promotion

Here is my beautiful daughter on her 8th grade promotion day. See her in the white dress?

Her Nana made that dress for her also (like the masquerade ball dress). Isn't it pretty?

Sean and Dawn Dee showed up along with Jennifer and Chole.
Eric was there of course.
and Max and Grammy and Popie.
and Nana.
The boys keep changing seats and running around.
Here is Krista getting ready to get her certificate.

Below is Krista's principal. She hates him. She thinks he is creepy. He kinda is.
Walking back to the quad.
Krista and Grammy.
Below are a bunch of pictures of Krista with her friends.

She is totally blushing in this picture below.
I can't believe that she is in High School now! I got her a digital camera for a gift and she has been taking pictures of herself ever since.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Max's 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony

Maxwell was promoted from elementary school to middle school. I now no longer have a child in elementary school which makes me sad. Below are some pictures of his ceremony and a video of him accepting his certificate. 

Goodbye Vista La Mesa Elementary parking lot.
Goodbye Vista La Mesa School and random dude.
There he is getting ready to walk in with his class.
Up closer. He carefully planned out the wearing of purple pants on this day.
Walking in.

He are Mrs. Fabio and Mrs. Granquist. Both good teachers. Max has had them both.
Mr. Heath. The principal.
Max with Mrs. Fabio.
Max and Devlin.
Devlin, Sterling and Max. Partners in all things mischievous.

With Brian. Watch video below of him accepting his award.

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