Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krista's 8th Grade Promotion

Here is my beautiful daughter on her 8th grade promotion day. See her in the white dress?

Her Nana made that dress for her also (like the masquerade ball dress). Isn't it pretty?

Sean and Dawn Dee showed up along with Jennifer and Chole.
Eric was there of course.
and Max and Grammy and Popie.
and Nana.
The boys keep changing seats and running around.
Here is Krista getting ready to get her certificate.

Below is Krista's principal. She hates him. She thinks he is creepy. He kinda is.
Walking back to the quad.
Krista and Grammy.
Below are a bunch of pictures of Krista with her friends.

She is totally blushing in this picture below.
I can't believe that she is in High School now! I got her a digital camera for a gift and she has been taking pictures of herself ever since.

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Diana said...

Awww, what a special day!

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