Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Krista's Masquerade Ball

Krista went to her 8th grade Masquerade Ball on Friday night. She had sooo much fun. She was really happy when she got home. Here are some pictures of her before she went. Her Nana made her dress for her. She did a really nice job. Krista looked really pretty. Krista looks short in this picture.

She went and got her nails done before she went. They looked very nice. and we went shopping for shoes on Thursday. Between shoe shopping I took her to the doctor to make sure her finger isn't broken from softball. The school nurse told her it was broken. I didn't think it was and we had it in a splint but after the nurse said that it was broken I wanted to go and make sure. It is not. So anyway she found these shoes and loves them. They looked cute with the dress.

She wanted me to paint her mask zebra. So it did. I used black fingernail polish.
She went with her friend who lives down the street.
They look cute huh?
I can't believe that she is almost done with middle school. It's hard to believe that she is a high schooler next. Where does all the time go?

Later today I will have her post her experience from the dance. She had a great time! Up next, 8th grade graduation!

Okay... this is Krista. The friend i took is Brittany and the other friend is Jasmine. The school dance otherwise known as LGMS 1st annual Masquerade Ball. ASB redecorated the gym. It looked really good. The colors were green, black, purple and gold. They had a dance floor (i helped with it), a dj, live music, and it was catered by the restaurant from down the street. The first thirty minutes nobody was dancing and by the end everybody was dancing... We were eating lasagna, salad and green beans. and for desert we had cake, chocolate strawberries and marshmallows. There were tables and fancy cups... we had Mountain Dew and Diet Pepsi. I met my friends and i was in charge of having people sign a black cardboard paper thing saying 'class of 2009'. i had fun... a lot of fun

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