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Food blogs with Krista

This is my first food blog. I will rate stuff on a 1 to 10 scale... today, My mother and I want to Bamboo Thai.

The front of Bamboo Thai.

The iced tea that they serve. Rating: 3

The sour soup that is served with the lunch special. Rating: 8

The Spring roll. It is wrapped Vegetarian rolls of cabbage, carrot and glass noodles served with sweet and sour sauce. Rating:9

The Spicy Noodles. The spicy noodles are made with stir fried flat rice noodles with basil and eggs. Rating:6

The sweet and sour. They have a different taste that the sweet and sour at chinese resturants. It has beef, cucumber, pineapple, tomato, onion, scallion and baby corn. Rating:3

The Sweet sticky rice with mango (seasonal) Rating: 9.5

Me eating the the sweet sticky rice with mango.

Picking Up Krista From School

It's Moving Day (week)...

Jennifer and Nathan are moving from their current house to the house across the street. Yeah! We are going to help. Here are some pictures of our day.

Kassidy is ready to get to work.


Old house.

New house.

The Bear with B-Ball Boy.

Moving in.

B-Ball boy playing music.

K-Dub and KassKass.

New garage.

Mommy and baby.

K-Dub self portrait.

Max in motion.

Tom is playing with Kassidy.

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Wong's Golden Palace

Max and I went to lunch today at Wong's Golden Palace. Look at the cloudy skys. It was a good day for soup.

Max's lunch: egg flower soup with crispy noodles.

Lisa's lunch: won ton soup with pork and extra green onions. This I shared with Max and Krista got the leftovers after softball tryouts. 

Call me if you need me...

Playground Poetry

Cooper's 4th Birthday Party

Today was Cooper's 4th birthday party. It was right after Max's basketball game and just before Krista's softball tryouts. The party was at Harry Griffin Park. It was a beautiful, overcast day. The usual cast of characters were there. Enjoy the pictures below...

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