Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hola!! Que pasa? in other words... Hello! What's up? It is "K-dub" (as my madre likes to call me) but my friends call me Krista. My best friend, "K-dub 2" (also known as Karina), and i like to make code names for things... see she called me last night she called me for advice about boys and friends... see she like a guy named "Bob" but her other best friend "Rebecca" likes him too but "Bob" like Karina and she didnt know what to do... i told her if it was me, i would let her have him cuz i am nice like that!! and she agreed... we both love Metro Station and we wanted to see them but we were not allowed to go... we were sad.. boohoo... haha. we love to text (txt) everybody. so... im bored now.. bye.

{Peace sign} tree hugger...,

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