Friday, January 16, 2009

Welcome Weekend!

So I'm pretty glad it's Friday. I have had a lot to do at work although it does makes the day go faster. Tonight Max has his first basketball scrimmage. He is also playing soccer at school. Tomorrow is his first real basketball game. On Sunday we are picking up a new bedroom set for Krista's room.

Right now the kids are together in Krista's room. I can hear them talking. It is cute when they get along. They actually are pretty close. I am glad for that.

Right now Eric is at work but hopefully he will be home in time to check out Max playing basketball. That would make Max happy. Max is in a league at the Joan Kroc Center. It's his first year so we will see how it goes.
The above picture is of Nana and Popie. It's old, from 2007, but it's nice to have a picture with a new post so I picked that one.

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