Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 - Fuji Japanese Steakhouse

For Mother's Day we went to Fuji Japanese Steakhouse with Brian and Barbara  and their family because they are in town so we have been hanging out with them. I have some pictures that I will post later. Here is a picture of Eric and I.
Our chief. See Krista and Brian in the background?

There is Brian and Barbara.
Max and Jaxson. Jaxson is Brian's son. They get along good. Jaxson spent the night one night and they played wii together. 
Here is our table. The food was good. 
Here are the kids looking cute together.
Eden is laughing at Max while Mia looks on. Max isn't falling he's just acting goofy.
Here is Kai and Jaxson. Kai is Fabby and Tal's son. Fabby is Barbara's sister. Aren't they cute?
They had a Koi pond. Kai and I touched the fish.
We went to Old Navy after lunch and Krista got her new purple bikini she has been wanting. Then driving home, look who it is...
It's Patty! Hi Patty!! Happy Mother's Day! and tell your family I'm not crazy!

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