Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Beach

For Memorial Day weekend we went down to the beach. It was also my birthday. It was lovely down there. Not too hot but still sunny. 
It wasn't even crowded which was really nice. I guess it's because they have banned alcohol and smoking on beaches in California. Now people go other places to party.
Max had fun digging in the sand. He had a new Hurley bathing suit that had white stitching that turned purple when it got wet. He thought that was pretty cool.
Krista laid out and worked on her tan and read her new Teen Vogue magazine.
We bought these awesome two people towels. They are huge!
We also took the dogs. They loved it of course. Say Hi to Chewy!
Eric still drank beer even though he wasn't suppose to. Luckily the hotel was close so he could refill his cup.
Here we are on the ocean side but we spent most of the time on the jetty side which was even more deserted. We're sitting here because Max wanted to boogie board but he couldn't stop digging long enough to go do it. Trust me when I say that walking across all that sand to get to the other side is a good workout for your calves!
See he is holding his orange cup?

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