Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bad News Bears

Really they are called the California Bears but they might as well be called the Bad News Bears because they are that good. I'm not saying that to be mean it's just the truth. Even they call themselves that. On this day they lost 0-14. It was pretty sad. Not to mention that the game started an hour late and it was freezing outside (at least cold for San Diego).

You see, a lot of the girls that are on the team have never played before and now here they are playing girls who have played since they were little. So it goes without saying that there is going to be a learning curve. But if these girls hadn't have signed up then there would not have been a team at all.
Still it seams like they are having a good time.
I know Krista is. 
This is a darling picture. Don't they look like they get along? I'm not even going to mention that Chloe chewed on her sleeves until they were really wet. Ewww. Then she put her sleeves under the water from the sink so she could chew and drink water from her sleeves. Extra ewwwww. I love her.
Ma, Ma. That is what Kassidy calls Max. It sounds like ba ba as in a sheep call and not ma ma as in mommy. Got it?

The picture below is funny. It is Krista screaming "Mother" at me because I was sneaking a picture of her by putting my camera up over the fence. The fence was covered so I couldn't see in. It was the only way to get the shot.
She played second base. 
Eric had to step up and help coach. At least when he can. Too bad he has to work on most Saturdays. He had this Saturday off.
She tries to bunt. 
The end.

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