Friday, April 24, 2009


Meet Tonsils. This is the cat that I got for Krista when she was getting her tonsils out in February 2000. Hence the name Tonsils. He was the best kitty. He lay with her as she recovered from her first surgery. Little did we know how many more surgeries were to come. 

I got Tonsils from Patty. She brought over a bunch of kittens for me to choose from. She brought them over in a big basket. Eric said it was okay to get a kitten he just didn't want a black one or a black and white one and he didn't want a boy (male). 

So I played with all the kittens and they were so cute. There were two darling little grey ones and other different colored ones that were girls (female, whatever). And then there was this little black and white boy. He was out of the running, first because he was a boy and second of all because he was black and white. We had already had many, many black cats and a few black and white cats. We wanted something different.

So I watched the kittens run around. They scampered to and fro across the living room. Some went under the couch but this little black and white kitten just crawled up into my lap and laid down. I put him back down on the floor and he crawled up onto my lap again and laid down again and he stayed there. It was like HE was choosing ME. He wasn't the one that I was suppose to pick. I resisted picking him, I really did. But I could tell that he wanted me to pick him. I knew he was picking me.

So we ended up with a new kitty that was black and white and a boy. And he's been the best kitty ever. And Krista still has her Tonsils, even if she doesn't. 

Thanks Patty for the Awesome cat. 


Patty Castillo said...

Awww... I feel like this post is just for me!
Geez Lisa, with my emotions all out of wack.. this made me tear up! =/

Thank you and your welcome!! =)

Lisa said...

Nothing like a little cry on a Monday morning! He really is a great cat. Thanks for always reading my blog.

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