Friday, February 13, 2009

Krista's Ear

Krista with Dr. Kerns at Childrens Hospital. She has had this doctor who is an ear specialist since she was about two years old. He has watched her grow up. I'd rather not know him but he is a really nice guy.

Krista has been having appointments, hearing tests and operations on her ear basically her whole life. She has always had a good attitude and never complained, even once, about it and I really respect her for that. The first operation she had was to take out her tonsils (thus the cat named tonsils that she got from Patty to keep her company after the op). The second operation she was so sick for two weeks afterwards. She was throwing up and ill for days. The ones after that went a little bit smoother. The last one she got was suppose to be her final one. They put a tiny fake bone in that was suppose to fix everything. Then one day she got an ear infection and the implanted bone was forced out through her ear drum making a hole in her ear drum. Sucks. Anyway we took these pictures so she could see what her scars look like. If you look closely you will see it's more than just one cut, it's a couple next to each other. We will have to wait and see what the future holds. Whatever it is I am sure she will have a good attitude about it. Now if she could just clean her room (kidding).

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