Friday, February 20, 2009

Over the River & Through the Woods to the Elliott's House We Go (just kidding it's only just down the street)

Tonight we went over to Dawn Dee and Don's house (and Sean's house too) for dinner and wine and wii (wheeee)! It was a nice Thursday night. I bullied Dawn Dee into getting a blog (sorry Dawn Dee). I feel like a git. She is too nice to tell me no though.

And guess what? I got my first comment from someone that I don't know. I was so excited I called Eric at work to tell him. And the comment came from Brazil (I think) which is even more exciting. Yipee!

Oh yeah just ignore the beer in the following picture with Krista. That wasn't really there.

Look at Sean. He is sweating from playing wii so hard. Just kidding... he just took a shower is all.

This is Dawn Dee taking a picture of me while I take a picture of her. Great minds think alike right?

Don finally got home from work. Just in time for dinner too. Don's hair is getting long huh? Don and Eric are going to go to Alpine with the boys when Krista and I are in San Francisco. Dawn Dee will be in Palm Springs. Life in California is goooood. Don't you wish you were here???

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