Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Valentine's Dinner 2009

On Valentine's Day we went over to Eric's parents house. His mom made a great dinner. She always sets the table really nice. Dinner was beef stroganoff and artichokes and shrimp. It was delish. She also always has a great desert. This time it was cream brulee. See the great picture below. It was yummy! 

The quilt picture below is a quilt that Eric's mom made. I love the scalloped edges.

We brought Chloe a little Valentine's present. She is feeling better now. The dog you see is Molly. She is old and enjoying her final years of leftovers. Kassidy is enjoying her olives and she loves to listen to Krista's i-pod!!

Max and Nathan fell asleep as soon as dinner was over. Max was beat from playing sports all day, plus he had to get up early. Nathan had big plans to bring everyone to his house for a fire but I guess he overworked himself cleaning the back yard.

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