Friday, February 13, 2009

Max's Teeth

Max was running at school to get to the drinking fountain and he feel and broke both of his front teeth on the cement. Poor little guy was very upset. I don't blame him. So I took him and got them fixed. The thing is though that they are pretty bad so they will keep breaking off until he is old enough to get crowns. That won't be until he is 17 or 18. He has already had them broken out since then four times. I've been to the dentists more this year than I have ever been. They know him pretty well now and with Krista's braces we may as well move in. Thing is I hate going to the dentist. It's a little better since I'm not the one getting the work done (although I'd rather it me than him but I don't run to the drinking fountain). Truthfully though it's time for me to make an appointment for myself too.

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